Existence is Resistence

Existence Is Resistance is an internationalist organization determined to promote non-violent resistance through cultural arts. In our work we use the arts as a means of expression and liberation of marginalized peoples throughout the world with a focus on connecting to the situation of occupied Palestine.

E.I.R. believes that liberation is self-determined and to obtain freedom without violence, the arts are an outlet of communicating struggles globally and efficiently.

E.I.R is not a charity; our projects implement human talent for inspiration and empowerment in the face of oppression.

E.I.R. is open to people of the human race, all cultures religions/non religion, ethnicities, socio-economic positions, genders and sexual orientations.

Existence Is Resistance believes that if even one human is bound, we are all bound to the freedom of that human.

We are a grassroots organization with no ties to ANY political parties.


Within Our Lifetime

Within our Lifetime | United for Palestine, is a Palestinian and Arab-led organization made up of dedicated youth, students, and community members building the movement for Palestine throughout NYC.

Within Our Lifetime is not only a name, but a promise, a motivational cry, a rally, and a call to action. It is the steadfast belief that no matter what obstacles we will face, victory of the oppressed is inevitable. The liberation of Palestine runs through our lives, connected to our humanity, and the struggle for freedom. It is a reminder of what we have heard since childhood, and one we tell ourselves to push forward in painful times. It solidifies the belief that Palestine can truly be freed if we work and fight towards liberation in our lifetime. We know Palestine will be freed, refugees will return, and all of historic Palestine will be decolonized. What we must begin to include in our narrative, however, is the urgency of when Palestine will be freed. The mantra, Within Our Lifetime, empowers and ignites our fire to be a part of resisting zionism and building the path towards liberation.